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Senior School

Senior school is where students really begin to define themselves, and we are here to support their development and help them achieve their potential.  

In senior school we encourage critical thinking, innovation and group work, as well as having an international perspective and preparing students for life overseas.

Junior High

In junior high, students are moving towards a future that involves living and studying overseas.  To enable this process we encourage a more global approach to thinking and more innovative ways of learning.  Project based learning (PBL) is highly utilised throughout the curriculum, allowing students to explore their creativity, whilst also improving their critical thinking skills.

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Senior high

All of our senior high students go on to study at international universities overseas and take their first steps on the road to becoming true global citizens.  In their time with us, it is our job to make that transition as simple and successful as possible.  To help students matriculate into the country and university of their dreams, we offer multiple, high quality international programs from around the world, allowing students to choose from Australian, British and American education systems, making sure that each student can select the curriculum and subjects that are right for them.

In addition to our standard high school curriculum, we are pleased to be able to offer students a specialised Art and Design curriculum, which is tailored to students that want to go on to study in the world's top design schools.  Click here to find out more about this unique and innovative program...

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Innovation and Enrichment

As students progress through years 7 to 12 of their education, they will enjoy the benefits of innovative and cutting-edge teaching and learning, helping to make the most meaningful use of their time in school.  However, senior school is not only about academic results - we aim to develop well-rounded and creative students, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of extracurricular and enrichment classes