Aidi Alumni

Although our education system only lasts 15 years, the bonds that we make with our students last a lifetime.  On this page we share stories of the continued successes of our students and take pride in celebrating their achievements.


Wu Huiting

"I’m one of many who graduated from year 2011 from Aidi International high school and went overseas to explore a new world. And in year 2016 I graduated from the Australian National University with a bachelor degree of Research and Development Engineering (Elite Program) with first class honor. I also spoke at the graduation as the valedictorian of the cohort. I’m now pursuing a PhD degree in photovoltaic engineering in the same university. I have now come a long way since the time in high school, yet the happy memories from high school is still fresh in my head like imprint. It was there in my high school I learnt that the sky is the limit, the future of millions of possibilities is so close at hand. Motivated by this idea, I had learnt and grown like never before. It was here in my high school, that I met a class of brilliant young people, full of life and spirit, never short of funny jokes that bent me double. They taught me the essence of kindred spirit, they opened my eyes to new directions and they showed me the value of healthy competition. They shaped part of my character and those memories have now become a part of me. It was here in my high school I was guided by the coolest group of teachers. They were of vastly diverse cultural background and personality, yet the high spirit was shared by all. Nothing short of walking role models they are, yet we can still get close to them like brothers and sisters. I was delighted to be given the chance to type down those words. I’m picturing myself to be standing in the beautiful campus once more, books in my arm, and to re-experience it all over again."



Juliana Bao

"When I reflect on my two years in Aidi, I conclude that the experience not only helped me academically, but also prepared me in the later overseas journey in Australia. I developed many skills that I find very helpful in the workplace in the later stage e.g presentation and problem solving skills. Through small class sizes, ongoing group projects, and in-class interaction with classmates and professors, I was challenged and slowly developed my confidence and both personally and academically. Aidi and the study program it offers gave me a head-start in my latter bachelor and Master study in Australia by building an strong backbone support via Aidi overseas community.  I am currently working as Monetization Specialist at an International Technology Company, I work with website publishers across Greater China region focusing on their revenue optimization and product adoption. I really enjoy what I do as it allows me to continue enhance my learnings and skillsets development. In the end, I would like to send my appreciation to all the teachers in Aidi who helped me along the way".