FAQ for Prospective Employees

Below you will find answers* to our most frequently asked questions about joining the Aidi team.  If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have (hr.teacher@aidi.edu.cn)

* Answers correct at time of writing

1. Contracts

Q: How long are the contracts at Aidi?

A: Contracts are one year in duration

Q: What are the standard working hours?

A: Standard working hours are Mon-Fri, 8.30am - 5.30pm

Q: How many hours a week do I need to teach?

A: This will be dependent on many factors, but usually no more than 20hrs of teaching per week

2. Teaching

Q: What curriculum do you use?

A: Junior School: Chinese National Curriculum, Cambridge Primary and Checkpoint

Senior School: Chinese National Curriculum, Cambridge Secondary, Checkpoint, iGCSE, AS / A-Levels, WACE and AP

Q: What are class sizes like?

A: These vary by age range, but classes range from 10 - 30 students per class.  Generally we try to keep classes limited to a maximum of 25

Q: How long is each class?

A: Junior School: 40mins, Senior School: 45mins

Q. Can I talk to a current teacher in the school about their feelings regarding working at Aidi?

A: Yes, we'd be happy for you to talk to our current staff - We want you to have a realistic idea of what working here is like and to be confident that you'll be a good fit for our school

3. School Location and Facilities

Q: Does the school provide transportation if I live off-campus?

A: The school runs several bus routes, for free, for staff to travel to and from work

Q: Where is Aidi located? Is it near the city centre?

A: Aidi is located in the north east of Beijing (See our 'Contact Us' page for our exact location), about 10mins drive from the Capital Airport (T3).  We are about an 18km drive from Beijing's CBD

Q: Is their public transport near to the school?

A: There are bus stops near to the entrance of the school.  The nearest subway is line 6, which is approximately 7km from the school

Q: What are the on-campus apartments like?

A: The on-campus apartments are furnished and have air-conditioning. There is a TV in the living room and a fridge, microwave, cutlery and cooking facilities in the kitchen.

Q: Will I have my own apartment or will I need to share?

A: In most cases we provide individual apartments, but this does depend on when the teacher arrives. If upon arrival we don't have an single apartment available, the teacher will have to share, but once we have a single apartment available, we will move them immediately. 

Q: What kind of food is available on campus? Can I get western food?

A: We have multiple canteens on campus that serve a variety of Chinese and Western dishes.  We also have a western canteen on campus that is run by the popular Italian restaurant chain 'Annie's'

Q: What should I bring with me when I move onto campus?

A: From our current staff, we have the following suggestions;

1. Make sure you bring plenty of professional clothes

2. Facial and skin care products / toiletries - If you have a favourite type / brand, bring it with you, as finding the exact same one in China can be difficult

3. Enough Chinese cash - In case of emergencies or because you can't find a Chinese ATM that accepts foreign bank cards!

4. Bring a towel  

Q. What facilities are available at the school?

A: Please see our Campus Facilities page for more information

4. About Beijing

Q: What is the air pollution really like in Beijing?

A: The air pollution issue has been improving year by year, however, we would suggest that for people in very sensitive groups, that they think carefully about the choice of living in Beijing.

Q: Does the school have air filters to help with the issue of pollution?

A: Yes, the school has air filters fitted in almost all classrooms and offices

Q. Do I need to get a VPN for the internet in China, and should I get this before I arrive?

A: Many popular international websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many social media providers are blocked in China.  If you want to be able to access them, you would need a VPN.  It is advisable to set this up before coming to China.