Famous Artists Join Aidi School Cultural Festival in Paying Tribute to Traditional Culture

On June 12th, Beijing Aidi School held a traditional culture festival in the Forbidden City Concert Hall. The festival was made up of three parts: a concert with the theme “Global Citizens with a Chinese Identity”, the “National Treasure Keeper” culture salon, and “Face of China”, an exhibition of student artwork. As a frontrunner in international education in China, Aidi School called for a greater regard for China’s cultural heritage.

zhongshan concert

Famous artist helps students to comprehend Global Citizen with Chinese Identity

A teacher read the article My Stage from the primary school language text book and the students were intrigued by the protagonist's on stage experience. At that moment the author, Wu Shuang, appeared among the children. She shared her experiences with the students and performed part of the Pingju classic Rose Blossom with them.

Author, playwright, and singer Ms Wu Shuang co-directed the entire concert and reflected school life in the form of a stage play. Ms Wu's mother was Xin Fengxia, celebrated “Queen of Pingju”, and her father was the famous playwright and film director Wu Zuguang. Born into such a cultural family environment, she profoundly understands the significance of cultural influences on children. During more than ten years of living abroad, she realized the ultimate in Chinese and Western opera. On this basis, she created her own style. She firmly believes that "national uniqueness leads on the path to global acceptance." To this end, she is also committed to cultivating more rooted citizens and creating cultural ambassadors to the world. She was delighted to discover Aidi's education philosophy coincided with hers, and is hoping to achieve her dream through the school. "The children's programs are very new but I can see that they have accepted and digested rich and diverse information."

zhongshan concert1

On the day of the concert, Wu Shuang also presented her own soprano style, performing the classic song The Lonely Shepherd in a humorous yet pleasing style, with both rich and funny voices, and imitative movements. On choosing the song, Wu Shuang explained, “When I had a performance, I heard the kids giggle from under the stage. I found the children liked this kind of music.” Performing along with Aidi's students, she hopes to interpret her understanding of Chinese and Western cultures for the children.

In providing students with a stage like the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Aidi wants them to experience the spirit of stage life as mentioned by Wu Shuang in the text book, and learn to bring Chinese culture to the world.

A cultural tour with a National Treasure Keeper

zhongshan culture salon

In addition to the stage show, Aidi School also optimizes and strengthens the students' experience of learning traditional culture through its museum curriculum. Aidi is the first international school in Beijing to use a museum curriculum. Targeting students of different age groups for customized museum courses, each month the students visit a different museum or exhibition hall. Since 2017, the sum of museum lessons has exceeded 100 hours, benefiting more than 2,000 students.

Also devoted to popularizing traditional cultural knowledge through museum courses, Geng Shuo, Peking University postdoctoral archaeologist, lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Humanities, and contributor to CCTV show National Treasure Keeper, brought the audience a salon on traditional culture education. In it he tells the story of his own relationship with national treasures, and explains the significance of learning traditional culture in the modern era.

Geng Shuo said that participating in CCTV's National Treasure showed him that the demand for platforms and methods for learning Chinese traditional culture is very strong. In his opinion, a good scholar must be able to write a highly academic article and at the same time contribute to the popularization of knowledge. He said, "Traditional culture is in our heritage, not just through the skills of learning but also included in all aspects of historical experience and our understanding of our ancestors’ aesthetic taste and spiritual world, so the museum is a very good tool to help families realize aesthetic education and traditional culture education."

At the salon, Guo Zixuan, a Year 2 student at Aidi Primary School and one of Geng Shuo’s students in the museum course, also shared his experience of the Forbidden City with the audience, impressing them with his understanding of garden landscaping, architecture, calligraphy, and fine art.

zhongshan salon Guozixuan

One hundred Faces of China show China's image

One hundred portraits made up the Face of China exhibition in the Forbidden City Concert Hall, representing one of the most striking themes of this cultural festival. Aidi students created images of Chinese people through a variety of techniques, expressing their understanding of China’s people and culture, and the Chinese character.

face of china

For the students, the Face of China is not just a portrait, but also contains emotions, relationships, beliefs, and many other connotations. The paintings embody national characteristics: girls dressed in traditional ethnic costumes, old people who have experienced the vicissitudes of life and ideological beliefs, contemporary figures in brilliant fashions, women with self-confidence and assertiveness, idols with youthful personalities, and the ordinary people around them such as mothers and classmates, with each piece bringing its own unique flavor to the exhibition.

“Your place is your China.” The scene in your eyes, the people you love, the things you care about, the happiness you enjoy -- it all comes from your country. Through participation in the exhibition, hundreds of teachers and students expressed their understanding of the motherland through paintings, and promoted the great concepts of the nation and the country around us, implanting these into everyone's hearts.

This is what we call patriotism today

Ms. Lydia Liu, the founder of Aidi School, said: “The performances and works of art that we see today are the epitome of their study of Chinese culture and world culture. For international students, learning about world culture can help them to expand their view and establish their own cultural identity. In the future, learning and living around the world, their heritage and interpretation of Chinese culture will surely become a window for the world to understand China. In the international community today, China is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of culture, politics, and economics. Having a strong cultural self-confidence and embrace of the world's multicultural talents is a requirement for the development of the international community. The ‘global citizen with a Chinese identity’ is the educational philosophy we have always had and is the most important social responsibility of the international school."

Thinking Outside the Table...

In the process of learning, you will inevitably encounter some very important knowledge points that are tremendously difficult to grasp in their entirety!  A good example of this is the periodic table of elements studied in high school. With 118 elements, 7 periods, and 16 groups, the challenge of trying to remember it all leaves many high school students frustrated.  But what if we could make the periodic table a bit more memorable?

Aidi's Y10 students decided to mix things up by constructing handmade 3D periodic tables, in an engaging and creative new activity.  Students selected their building materials and medium, and came up with innovative ways to display the elements.    

Aidi Senior School Y12 WACE Students Achieve Incredible Results!

The 2017 Y12 WACE students have really shown the world what they are capable of.  In this years' WACE exams, their results were nothing short of phenomenal!

With student Sun Zhu leading the way, achieving an amazing ATAR score of 99.9, Y12 had a total of 10 students scoring in the top 1% of students worldwide.  Success was not just limited to the elite few, with more than 52% of our students coming in the top 10% and 85% in the top 20% of students worldwide!

Congratulations to all our graduates and thank you to the Y12 academic team for all your hard work helping our students achieve these remarkable results! 


Aidi Model UN off to a great start!

Aidi students have participated in Model UN events at Harvard and other prestigious universities, and now we are bringing the activity to our school, allowing more students to benefit from the critical thinking and international awareness needed to compete.

Aidi Model UN Teacher Mr. Li said 'We have set up a total of three parliaments in order to discuss three controversial issues. Among them, the issues of European refugees and water pollution were discussed by the UK team, and the establishment of a nuclear free zone in the Middle East was discussed by the Chinese representatives. Holding the first Model UN conference on campus was a great challenge for us, but we all overcame the difficulties and held this event successfully! I believe that we will hold more in the future, in order to continue to challenge ourselves and our students in this way!'

Children's Day Carnival at Aidi

The exciting build-up before Children’s Day on June 1st is one full of sunshine and happiness! It’s a colourful weekend for children all around China, and especially for the children at Aidi International School.

On May 26th, Aidi School’s playground was transformed into a lively carnival scene, with eye-catching bright lights and upbeat tunes pumping, creating a dazzling stage for the adorable junior school students to amaze us with a range of performances. What an evening we had in store!

This year's carnival was focused on traditional Chinese culture and the students wowed the crowds with traditional folk songs, dances, poetry, music, opera and martial arts!

Aidi Environmental Awareness Fun Day

On April 22nd, more than 400 families came to celebrate Earth Day at Aidi International School. In collaboration with TimeOut Family and many local businesses, activity booths were set up all over campus to promote environmental awareness.

Enjoying their time in the beautiful weather, parents and children could choose from a plethora of activities - From tree planting and bookmark crafting to baseball and go-kart racing, the school ensured that there were plenty of options to suit everyone’s taste!

During the event parents and visitors also donated books and clothes, which Aidi donated to Chaoyang District's Hope House Orphanage - Thank you to everyone for your support!