Staff Testimonials

Read what our staff have to say about working at Aidi...

Rebecca Kemp - Head of Speaking, ELC, Senior School

"I have been working at Aidi for 3 years now. It’s great to work in a place where your ideas and opinions are valued. The school is ever changing and developing and it’s a great opportunity to work here and be a part of it. Living in China can be tough, but with the support of a great job and friends it’s easy to enjoy the life here. The location is a little far out of the city, but the school provides regular transport to the local subway, which allows you to access plenty of shops and restaurants if you're getting a bit fed up of Chinese food" 

Stuart Johnson - Primary School English Teacher

"I've worked at Aidi for 3 years and during that time the school has helped me to develop not just my teaching skills, but also a much wider range of professional skills. The primary school is a very enjoyable and rewarding place to work, as the kids are a joy to work with and the whole staff are not only a great group of people but focused and professional as well. I've found Aidi to have a very friendly and supportive atmosphere, that has helped me settle in a new country and city very easily"

Jia Shi - Grade 5 English Teacher

"I started working in Aidi Primary School as an intern foreign English teacher in 2013. After 6 months, I became a full-time member of staff and have taught Grade 1 to 6 since. I really enjoy teaching here and have found my calling in this profession. Having a Chinese and Australian background, I'm bilingual and can see the challenges of teaching and learning English as a Second Language. Working with a co-teacher, we collaborate to make sure that students are not only learning the language, but also the diverse culture, background and influences behind it. I currently teach Grade 5, where I have taught some of the students from when they were in Grade 1, and I plan to see them through to graduation. It's a wonderful feeling to watch my students grow whilst also growing as a teacher myself. I feel a sense of pride, joy and achievement from my job everyday. I love teaching.”

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Brian Records - WACE Y12 EAL/D Senior Teacher

"My name is Brian Records, I'm a literature teacher from Wichita, Kansas.  I've found that choosing schools in China can be quite elusive. Before I arrived at Aidi I was looking for a high school that had a strong support system for teachers as well as a good deal of freedom for individual expression in the classroom. This is can be a hard thing to find when investigating schools that are on the other side of the world from you. I've been in China almost 4 years now, and although it took me a few years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for at Aidi. 

Aidi has a large foreign staff with people from all walks of life and from countries all over the planet. Aidi also has good room for personal and career development. Aidi is a team environment - there is support where you need it and the opportunity to give support to those who need it from you, and teachers are appreciated when they go above and beyond. That's all you can really ask for, right? Furthermore, I receive enough vacation time distributed throughout the year that I can travel home or wherever else as much as I could hope for. Teaching in China can be hard to explain to my friends back home, but I'm constantly advocating for Aidi. In the past, I've convinced a personal friend to come to Aidi to work, and he's currently working alongside me. If you're a dedicated teacher who enjoys working alongside a team in your workplace, this is the place for you. It really is a good gig."

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Andy Denham - WACE Y12 EAL/D Teacher

"I am Andy Denham. This is only my second semester as a year-12 teacher for WACE, but in this short time, I’ve fallen in love with the Aidi family. The Chinese teaching experience can be fraught with uncertainty---from the Visa process to the cultural assimilation to your living & travel arrangements. What I’ve found at Aidi is a system in place where the support and guidance is more than simply available but is prevalent in letting you focus on your teaching.

Being a part of an academic community where my colleagues take pride in pedagogical excellence combined with a student body desirous to learn makes Aidi an unparalleled career opportunity."


Nick Betts, WACE Y11 EAL/D Senior Teacher

"I came to Aidi with the intention of staying just one year; six years later I’m about to renew my contract again. The school is on a clear upward trajectory and being a part of that has been and is rewarding. The current management team is committed to providing a high quality education from K to 12, preparing mainly Chinese kids to take their places as 21st century global citizens.

Living and teaching in China presents its challenges, but the culture and the environment of the school are largely helpful and supportive. Doing your job well is recognized and rewarded, and the quality of teaching, facilities, and resources is pretty good and improving.

Teaching is about the students, in the end, and of course they come in all shapes and sizes. However the vast majority are personable and friendly, and I have enjoyed meeting, befriending, and teaching some truly outstanding young people here."